Water leaks anywhere in your home can be a serious problem. Once detected it is recommended that you fix it right away of else it would do further damage. Usually, slab leaks is better left to the professionals as they are far equipped to deal with these issues. Eatonton Plumber Pro Service and Drain is your slab repair expert to go to as they have the skill, the equipment and the caring attitude to make your home a comfortable place to live in.

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A slab leak occurs when the pipes running across the foundation of your home cracks or burst. The leak is actually not found in the concrete slab itself, but on the plumbing lines underneath it. Overtime, your pipes may develop a leak under your slab for a number of reasons. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Usual wear and tear due to shifting of the soil, concrete, gravel or nearby pipes
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Erroneously installed or low quality pipes, often due to faulty construction methods
  • High water pressure

How to Spot a Slab Leak

At Eatonton Plumber Pro Service and Drain, we can pinpoint leaks on the water plumbing lines, and hot and cold supply pipes inside the home under the slab. We can also locate leaks on irrigation pipes and sewer lines. We find the problem like break, obstruction, root intrusion or an accumulation of dirt in the line causing slow draining. Eatonton Plumber Pro Service and Drain is very successful in finding the leaks that are causing these problems.

Here are the common signs to look for if there is a slab leak in your home:

  • The sound of running water even if no one is using water anywhere on your house
  • A running water meter even if no one is using water
  • You will see cracks in your walls or flooring
  • Mildew formation or a visible moisture under carpets or flooring
  • A smell of sewage which would indicate a break in your sewer line or drain pipes
  • High water bill than normal
  • You feel warm spots on your floor

Slab Leak Repair in Eatonton, GA

Ideally, slab leak detection and repair should be left to experts. First and foremost, once you hire Eatonton Plumber Pro service our technicians would carefully perform the detection process. With advanced acoustic and tracing equipment in hand, we will pinpoint the slab leak with precision. Once we locate the leak, we will properly inform you of the options to remedy the issue. These would include the following:

Pipe Replacement – If your plumbing lines sustain multiple leaks, it would best to totally replace your old line with a new one.

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At Eatonton Plumber Pro service, we use the best materials available so we can guarantee that your plumbing system will stay healthy for decades to come. This option would require invasive cutting into your concrete floors so we can gain access to the leaking pipe and install fresh piping.

Pipe re-routing – This method would make your pipes run above ground instead of underneath your concrete slab. This option is wise if a short pipe needs to be replaced.

Epoxy Pipe Relining – Imagine repairing your leaky pipes and cleaning your entire plumbing system with practically no damage or intrusion to your walls, ceiling and floors! Epoxy pipe lining is a non-destructive alternative to re-piping your home with copper pipes. Depending on the size of the leaking pipe, a new liner can be driven through a broken sewer pipe to seal the breakage. This is called trenchless pipe repair and only demands access holes on either end of the pipe, instead to digging a certain length to uncover the defective pipe.

At Eatonton Plumber Pro Service and Drain, our technicians will give you honest and expert advice. Our plumbers are duly licensed so they properly inform you of the best course of action without breaking your wallet.

Eatonton Plumber Pro Service and Drain offers comprehensive slab leak detection and repair services. If you suspect or worry that you have this type of leak in your home, call Eatonton Plumber Pro Service and Drain for an inspection.

Schedule an appointment with us and we will show you firsthand what customer-focused slab leak repair service is all about.

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