A water leak in your house can be stressful and costly. Oftentimes, homeowners do not notice the presence of leak until they receive a high water or if they see water damage somewhere in their home. Plumbing systems in modern homes is complex and finding a leaking pipe can be challenging.

At Plumber Pro Service and Drain, you do not we do not dig your property all day to look for the leak on your pipes. We have expert plumbers who use the latest in acoustic detection to pinpoint the leak, saving you money.

Like a physician’s stethoscope, the acoustic equipment is used to listen for water leaks in the ground. The microphone picks up the noise of the leak and it gets amplified by the device allowing the plumber to accurately locate the water leak without tearing your basement or lawn.

Aside from acoustic leak detection, Plumber Pro service technicians also use pipes tracing technique to trace your water main. Pipe tracing enables the technician to accurately identify the path of the pipe from your service meter to your house. This technique reduces the search area considerably thus allowing a far more accurate leak detection.

There are environmental factors that should be put into account when doing leak detection. These things influence the outcome of water leak detection thus need to be considered:

  • Water pressure
  • Type and condition of soil/pavement
  • Material of pipe
  • Extraneous noises
  • Size of hole leaking water
  • Leak noise in a cavity

In some cases, you will find numerous water leak in your pipes. In this scenario, our equipment will generally locate the biggest leak first. If you still notice a high water bill after the initial repair, then leak detection will have to be done again to find the smaller leaks on your plumbing system.


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