What to Look For

Many People having plumbing nightmares lurking in the shadows of thier house and don’t even know it. Here I will give you a quick overview of a few items that you can learn from to possibly catch a disaster before it occurs.


Most water heaters last 12 to 17 years before the tank rusts out and ruptures, causing a flood. You can check your water heater for it’s age by looking at the serial number. Most manufacturers have the first 4 digits as the month and year it was made. Some also have the date plainly written on the information sticker. (This should be on the side wall of your water heater). If there is water stains, rusting, or if your water heater is over 12 years old, then call today for a free on site evalution. Call (706) 612-5425


Leaks from toilets are a common occurrance of water damage to homes. You can look for rust or water coming from the tank to bowl bolts, drips around the base, a toilet that rocks when you sit on it, or constantly runs. Call us today for a free on site evaluation. Call (706) 612-5425


This can be hard to detect without a check of your houses waterline pressure, however, there are a few to look for; toilets that won’t shut off, leaking water heaters (from the T&P Valve especially) or water lines blowing out or leaking. This is a major concern not to be taken lightly. Even if your house has a pressure regulator valve it may have gone bad, thus causing a increase of pressure to your whole houses plumbing system. We can quickly check your pressure (for free) and identify if a need for install or replacement of a p.r.v. is needed. Call now at (706)769-7761


A crawlspace can be a blessing and a curse. You have full access to the plumbing under your floor, however, most folks don’t ever think about it. Over the last 15 years in the service profession, I have seen more problems go from bad to worse in this area than any other. If you have smells, buckling of floors or the sound of drips or water spraying, then you likely already have a major issue on your hands. A yearly routine inspection is highly recommended. Call today at (706) 612-5425

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